PITCHER & FLACCOMIO has a special talent for matching clients and accommodations. Our experience enables us to quickly distinguish properties that do not meet our standards of upkeep, uniqueness and comfort. In every way possible we stand behind the properties we represent. Furthermore, our personal relationship with our owners provides an extra edge when negotiating prices. We inspect all our properties prior to the client's arrival to assure everything is in order.


All the properties we represent have something special to offer – it may be the price, the view, or the location. At PITCHER & FLACCOMIO, we pride ourselves on being brutally forthright in our evaluations, and we do communicate the positive and negative features of each property. In our experience, photos can be deceptive, so do read the descriptions carefully.
For long–term contracts, longer than three months, it is extremely important to come and see each property prior to booking. PITCHER & FLACCOMIO believes that one may put up with a defect for a month, but may not be so patient with the same defect for a year. We will find your ideal property whether it be a castle, farmhouse or flat in town. Apartments range from studios to one–bedroom to four–bedroom accommodations – many are in historic buildings. Villas and farmhouses are in the Tuscan countryside and some have swimming pools.


A member of PITCHER & FLACCOMIO staff will meet you and show you around the property.


Should an owner decide to put a property on the rental market, PITCHER & FLACCOMIO can provide detailed advice on how to present it for such a market. Furnishings, amenities, changes and/or renovations to improve the functionality of the property will be discussed. Private homes are not necessarily suitably appointed for rental. We highly recommend that owners contact us for this appraisal prior to initiating any renovations. Money spent at this stage will avoid unnecessary expenditure and may ensure a better return. This service is charged at the rate of EUR 80.00 per hour plus added value tax of 22%.


Many extraordinary services may be arranged – from a Thai cook to a champagne breakfast while hot air ballooning. We suggest you contact directly with VITALY who provide luxury travel services throughout Tuscany. Whatever your special interest – gourmet dining, cooking lessons, wine tours, sports, art history tours, and the like – they will plan an itinerary to suit your wishes and preferences. Even activities for children. VITALY will also organise corporate and private events in collaboration with PITCHER & FLACCOMIO. Please see our Special Event Venues page.


PITCHER & FLACCOMIO offers a prior–to–arrival shopping service. If you are interested in this service, please request a shopping list when booking. This service is invoiced by PITCHER & FLACCOMIO at an hourly rate of Euro 35,00 plus the value–added tax at the present rate of 22%, as described above.


All our prices are quoted in Euro, but we have included a calculator for easy conversion. Short–term and mid–term rentals have a minimum and maximum price that includes the agency fee unless otherwise stated. When a long–term rental price is cited, the commission is billed separately and is based on 10% of the total contract up to a maximum of one–month's rent. Commission fees are subject to a value added tax – in Italy called IVA – and is charged at the present rate of 22%. Rent is not subject to the tax.
Costs not included in the rental rate such as utilities, final cleaning and laundry fee are carefully outlined in each property description and may vary with the duration of the rental contract. All contracts over 30 days must be registered and are therefore subject to a registration tax of 1% of the total rent, and finally there is stamp duty of approximately €32.00 per contract. Generally there are two copies made. Further details are available below in FAQ


A check–in or a check–out in the Florence area during normal office hours is free. For weekends, public holidays it is also free, but late night after 6.30 p.m. until a maximum of 10.30 p.m. the charge is a flat rate of EUR 100.00 plus tax.


All costs that are not included in the rental rate such as the final cleaning and laundry fee, are carefully outlined in each property description. There is ALWAYS a final cleaning and laundry fee to be paid, as we believe this to be the prime requisite of our clients to have a spotless home. Long–term contracts may include further cleaning expenses such as carpet and furniture cleaning.


Over our 25 years of helping clients PITCHER & FLACCOMIO has developed a portfolio of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. We trust you will find this helpful. Please click here to open the PDF file.


PITCHER & FLACCOMIO offers you a WELCOME BAG with some of the essentials to make you feel comfortable, including a bottle of Chianti to celebrate the beginning of your Soggiorno Italiano. We also include a welcome folder containing a printed copy of the current month's NEWSLETTER describing all the activities in Florence and Tuscany, together with a comprehensive INFORMATION DIRECTORY to help navigate the ins and outs of living in Italy.


Apartments are stocked with general necessities such as toilet paper and hand soap but the apartments are not serviced unless specifically requested at an extra cost. Clients must provided for their own necessities during their stay unless concierge service has been booked.


Florence is a living city and there can be many things out of our control, like noise. Traffic patterns can be changed overnight or a renovation can start next door. These are circumstances for which we cannot be held responsible. If we know in advance of a problem, we do notify our clients before their arrival and wherever possible give alternative accommodation if requested.


PITCHER & FLACCOMIO can arrange a mobile phone with a prepaid SIM card for our clients. Otherwise there are numerous shops where one can buy SIM cards for one's own phone.


According to Italian law, heating, which may be centralised or individual, can be used only from November 1 to April 15 in central Italy. It cannot be turned on earlier, nor kept on any later. Heating may be on for a maximum of 12 hours per day. Only electric heaters or wood fires are exempt from this law. With the rising price of gas for heating and electricity for air conditioning, these utilities are very expensive commodities in Italy. For that reason we highly recommend that you bring appropriate clothing for both cold and hot weather.


Charges will be tallied from electric, gas and water meter readings taken from the meters together at the beginning and the end of your stay. In almost every case, you will have access to these meters at any time to control your utility expenses.


Internet service is not always available, but wherever possible we have encouraged owners to install it. Internet service can be based either on a per minute rate or on a monthly flat–rate, currently approximately Euro 38,00 plus value–added tax depending on the type of contract. PITCHER & FLACCOMIO can also supply internet keys.


Click on the following links to view samples:

FORMS AND GENERAL RENTAL AGREEMENTS – Can be sent by email, fax or post, with a copy of owners ID and they may be returned in the same manner. A personal visit to our office is always appreciated as it allows us to get acquainted, and all the details of the rental may be reviewed. A visit to the property may also be arranged.

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