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Our goal when buying, is to find the right property for you whether it be a castle, farm house, or a flat in the centre of Firenze. When putting your property on the market for sale, PITCHER & FLACCOMIO will efficiently manage the entire process.


We negotiate prices and arrange the mandatory technical certification on the condition of the property. On your behalf, we also follow through on the legal procedures entailed in dealing with property in Italy. PITCHER & FLACCOMIO acts in all respects in your best interests to assist you in buying or selling to your advantage.


To retain PITCHER & FLACCOMIO as your agent, please let us know your general requirements, preferred price range, needs and desires. We firmly advise all our clients who are serious about buying a property in Italy to come for at least one visit to inspect what is on the market at that time.
Florence is a small and sought after area. Properties come and go very rapidly. We can show you numerous available options in your chosen price range as well as inspect and further report on those that most interest you.


PITCHER & FLACCOMIO also consult for clients wanting an introduction to the area. This may include viewing properties on their and other agents' listings, with the pros and cons discussed from a living or potential rental point of view. This is a service for clients who wish to assess the general suitability of purchasing property in Italy. The charge for this service is EUR 80.00 per hour, an amount that will subsequently be deducted from the commission should a property be purchased through our agency. Again when billing, PITCHER & FLACCOMIO must include the additional tax IVA to this fee.


With the introduction of the common European currency at the beginning of 2002 – called the Euro with the symbol € – it is our opinion that properties in general have increased in value. One positive aspect is that the Euro has opened up the market not only for Europeans but also for foreign investors who want to diversify their money. There are no longer borders and currency restrictions, and money can travel freely. A property in Firenze can be a good investment as a rental proposition, for example, at present there are 47 foreign schools that bring many students and faculty who need to be accommodated.

Before you invest in a property with renting in mind, invest your first euro in getting sound advice from an expert in the Florence rental market.

We provide professional answers. Consultant service is charged at EUR 80.00 per hour plus added value tax at the present rate of 22%.


We organise the best ways to advertise your property and we schedule all appointments. We also advise you on what can be done to improve and accentuate the positive aspects of your property. We prefer to have exclusivity for a short period of time because from our experience, the owner benefits. PITCHER & FLACCOMIO will take responsibility for promoting the property through other agents both locally or abroad and for the advertising campaign. Please note the agency represents only properties that have complete documentation in order.


In Italy real–estate agents receive a commission from both the buyer and the seller. Generally, agents collect 3% from each side for a total of 6% commission. This percentage can be negotiated. When billing the buyer or the seller, PITCHER& FLACCOMIO must include an additional added value tax of 22% to the commission.


Over our 25 years of helping clients PITCHER & FLACCOMIO has developed a portfolio of answers to Frequently Asked Questions. We trust you will find this helpful. Please click here to open the PDF file.


Click on the following links to view samples:

ALL FORMS – Can be sent by email, fax or post, with a copy of owners ID and they may be returned in the same manner. A personal visit to our office is always appreciated as it allows us to get acquainted. A visit to the property may also be arranged.

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