PITCHER & FLACCOMIO services include finding venues for all occasions. We have an extensive database of locations for the perfect wedding, meeting, seminar, conference, training course, award ceremony, party, reunion or charity ball.
Simply give us your wish list and we will undertake a comprehensive search into venue suitability and availability. The historic locations we offer in Firenze, Tuscany and elsewhere have some distinct advantages over traditional hotels. They are full of beauty and atmosphere. An event held in Tuscany will create indelible memories that last a lifetime. Please note PITCHER & FLACCOMIO does not work as wedding or event planners. We advise using an experienced local coordinator to whom we would be pleased to introduce you.


A concise outline of your needs is essential The necessary information includes the type of event, venue style, location, budget, your exact dates, number of guests/delegates, and accommodation needs. You decide whether you require an event manager/planner.


Decide on the location – city or countryside – that is most accessible and affordable for the people you want to attend. Once you've chosen and set the dates, we can help you select a site. An event planner will be able to assist you with logistics of transportation, touring, or feeding a large group of people with different tastes. Fortunately Italian food is enjoyed by all – from infants to grandparents. Keep in mind that everyone does not need to be occupied all the time. On the other hand, a few planned activities – such as a bus tour or a cooking lesson – will provide an easy way for the guests to spend quality time together.


Our services are also appropriate for film, television, fashion and photographic shoots seeking historic backdrops. Properties are available for rent daily, weekly or monthly. Many films have been set in Florence – “Room with a View”, “Tea with Mussolini”, “Under the Tuscan Sun”. The film “Hannibal” was predominantly filmed in an historic palazzo on the Lungarno, right in the centre of Florence. Whatever your choice of venue and whatever the occasion, as reputable agents we can guarantee you the finest of sites and, working together with an equally reputable planner, will make your special event a great success.


Why marry in Italy? To celebrate an incredible event in an incredible setting. Should it be one of Tuscany's history–filled town halls or amongst vineyards, rolling hills and olive groves, friends and family will thank you for providing an excellent reason for a trip to Europe.
PITCHER & FLACCOMIO can offer the option of booking a castle, a Renaissance villa, or a romantic love–nest apartment for two. Many country venues have splendid gardens and panoramic vistas. You can rent a villa for a week in preparation for the event or to continue the celebrations afterwards.
In Italy, diverse wedding ceremonies may be organised with different religious institutions including Catholic, Greek, Anglican, Episcopal, Lutheran, Jewish, and others. We will work with you and the wedding planner to find the right religious setting for your special day.


A Catholic marriage service is the only Italian religious ceremony that fulfills both religious and civil requirements. Therefore, all other marriage ceremonies must have a civil service performed beforehand at a town hall for the marriage to be legally recognised. Documentation requirements will vary for each ceremony and nationality.
The Anglican Church and the Episcopal Church are the two predominant Protestant Churches in Italy. The Protestant church allows marriage blessings between couples of mixed religion, and ministers will often travel to marry couples in private grounds or outdoors when requested.


A Symbolic Wedding is an exchange of vows between the bride and groom. You will not need to complete any paperwork. You may hire a non–religious celebrant – or ask a family member or friend – to conduct a ceremony of your creation. It is important to note that these ceremonies are not legally binding, and the couple must have a civil ceremony for their marriage to be recognised by the proper government authorities. The civil ceremony may take place either in Italy or in your home country before or after a Symbolic Wedding.


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