I am Australian who married an Italian in 1971. In 1990 I obtained a real estate license and started the business, and in 2000 I formed a partnership with my son. I have taken to heart the wise advice of Signora Wanda Ferragamo, who told me when viewing one of her beautiful properties in Tuscany, “Suzanne, I create the best shoes in the world, and I give also the best service possible. That is why I am successful. Do the same for your clients and you will be equally as successful”. In 2013 I turned the reigns of this well established company over to my son and have now taken the position of honorary president.
This change now allows me more time to dedicate to CORRI LA VITA, a charity event held in Florence on the last Sunday of September in aid of breast cancer. PITCHER & FLACCOMIO sponsored bracelets for all the participants, and 32,000 people attended in 2014, making it the single largest event in Italy after football.


I am half–Italian and half–Australian, with a degree in geology. My thesis was based on examining Tuscan land formations, which I find most helpful in my current position. I have a real estate license and I am very experienced in the buying and selling of properties in Italy. When necessary, I assist our clients in their negotiations with international lawyers, architects, notary officials, and banks. I am the CEO of the company.


I am Florentine and have a degree in languages specialising in both English and German. I collaborate with PITCHER & FLACCOMIO in assisting clients with their medium or long term rentals either for work, pleasure or for a sabbatical year abroad. Knowing Tuscany so well is useful when advising our clients about various locations, schools, sports venues and everything to facilitate their soggiorno in Florence or in the Tuscan countryside.


Born in Albania and raised in Italy, this dual nationality allowed me to be an open and curious person. I began my studies, dedicating myself to Art, and Florence is the right place where to do it. Over the years, almost by chance, by helping an American friend managing and renting her apartments, I approached the real estate world. I now collaborate with PITCHER & FLACCOMIO by doing the same. I look forward to help you finding a suitable property for your needs.


I'm a Florentine as my family has been for many many generations. I have always lived in my city of birth. Initially I worked in the export business promoting “Made in Italy” brand of products for the Anglo American markets. I now collaborate with PITCHER & FLACCOMIO in the management section of the business. When managing other peoples properties my prime concern is that my clients and their personal needs are serviced exactly according to their wishes. I have established wonderful relationships with all my clients and they know that they can trust me implicitly with their properties.


I am an Australian writer and performer who calls Florence home. My father is Calabrian born, and a love of Italy drew me back across the ocean that my family first crossed many years ago. I am the co-author of The Medici Dynasty Show and contributor for The Florentine Magazine. Passionate about artistic life in Florence, I enjoy sharing my love of the city through my work. Each month I compile the PITCHER & FLACCOMIO Newsletter to let you know the highlights of what's happening in Florence and Tuscany.


The information given below is to help you make the most of our website and to find your ideal property. We recommend you always use real estate agents who are licensed, especially when booking over the Internet. PITCHER & FLACCOMIO is licensed and will help you through the whole process.


The drop–down menu is organised by Short Term/1 – 4 weeks, Mid Term/1 – 3 months, Long Term/Sabbatical and The Best of the Best. Then it is arranged into locations and then into bedrooms.

Short Term/1 – 4 weeks

These properties have been divided into location and number of bedrooms and are based on a minimum of one week to four weeks.

Mid Term/1 – 3 months

These properties have been divided into location and number of bedrooms and are based on a minimum of one month to three months.

Long Term/Sabbatical

These properties have been specially selected for long–term periods, with a minimum of over 3 calendar months to several years, and they may be semi furnished, fully furnished or unfurnished. They are categorised by the location and number of bedrooms. The prices quoted do not include the agency commission.


These few properties represent what PITCHER & FLACCOMIO feels are the very best choices within our listings. The selection is based on numerous considerations including amenities provided and location, together with furnishing style and a general ambience that have set them apart. We feel the most important attribute is usually not one tangible feature but is a certain je ne sais quoi. Our team has taken time and given much thought to creating this list; but having said that, we would like you to remember that there are also desirable properties in all the other categories.


All our prices are quoted in Euro, but we have provided a calculator for easy conversion. Short–term and mid–term rentals have a minimum and maximum price, depending on the season. When we receive your exact dates, we will give you an accurate quote. The commission is included in the price unless otherwise noted. When a long–term rental price is cited, the commission is billed separately. The commission is based on 10% of the total contract up to a maximum of one month's rent, this applies even if the contract is for several years. VAT charges, also called IVA in Italy, will be added to the PITCHER & FLACCOMIO invoice at the present rate of 22%.


Unit sizes are in approximate square metres (sq. mts.) and also in approximate square feet (sq. ft.).

Properties on the Market – the database has been organized according to location.

Florence Centre – refers to the historical centre – nearly all these properties are fewer than 15 minutes walk from the Duomo.

Florence Outskirts – refers to the nearby hills surrounding Florence, like Fiesole and Settignano.

Tuscan countryside – is self–explanatory.

Elsewhere – refers to properties that fall outside of Tuscany like Umbria, Positano, Venice.

Most prices are negotiable unless otherwise indicated. All prices quoted for properties for sale do not include the agency commission, which is based on 3% from both sides (buyer and seller) unless otherwise negotiated. VAT charges, also called IVA in Italy, will be added to the PITCHER & FLACCOMIO invoice at the present rate of 22%.


PITCHER & FLACCOMIO offers property management to off–site owners and has created a section of the website called RESERVED CLIENT ACCESS which may be used anytime, anywhere. This area contains a private file for each of our management clients. Personalised access to this area provides our clients with instant, updated information regarding the incoming and outgoing payments on their property. CLICK – SAMPLE PAGE and HELP PAGE.


Each brief initial description is followed by a link to our more detailed DESCRIPTION – PHOTO GALLERY – FLOOR PLAN. When you have found a property of interest, CLICK VIEW LATER so that you may continue your search. When ready, view each apartment's full description. Should a property be of further interest, CLICK REQUEST AVAILABITLITY AND ADDITIONAL INFORMATION – at the bottom of the page, there is an appropriate box to collect the email enquiries. Don't hesitate to send us all your choices. We keep your enquiries in our database to inform you of properties that may come on the market in the future.


We take pride in accurately outlining the list of amenities found in each property. We update this information as needed but please note it is possible that an owner could add or remove an amenity without our knowledge. We will endeavour to advise you of this fact prior to your arrival.


PITCHER & FLACCOMIO makes every effort to accommodate clients with special needs. We are very aware that Florence, being a medieval city, is not wheelchair–friendly. Please don't hesitate to enquire as to which apartments/flats/villas are suitable for your specific needs.


Having been asked on numerous occasions whether pets are welcome, we endeavour to accommodate your furry friends wherever possible.


Florence is gay–friendly with bars and discotheques. The Florence Queer Festival, an international film festival which was started in 2003, is held in October/November and is very well attended.


This is the quickest way to go through our listings. For searching rental and buying options, fill in the choices indicated in the QUICK SEARCH box. SEARCH RESULTS will then be given plus any possible ALTERNATIVE options, which may differ slightly from the original requirements. Change the criteria for another search or, if you prefer, contact us directly for assistance.


This page offers links to other useful sites which we think you may find helpful such as airport transfers, trains, museums and theatres. For those who have decided to stay for a long period and need more than just tourist information, there are additional comprehensive links such as schools, sport facilities and churches


Our Newsletter is sent once a month via email in English to all our clients who wish to receive it. This newsletter contains information on what is happening in Florence and Tuscany. We also include clients' comments and recommendations on their visits, good and bad. The Newsletter also describes the latest properties for rent and sale. You are more than welcome to subscribe. We also have a comprehensive archive of past issues which you are free to browse, as many festivals and holidays are celebrated at approximately the same time every year. When subscribing, please remember to tick the Italian Privacy Law box in which you are informed that the personal information provided to us will be used only by our office and will not be given to any third parties. Print the Newsletter or any other page of our website by going to PRINT on the tool bar.

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