Australians Purchase Real Estate in Italy

Regarding Australian citizens that would like to purchase a house in Italy, as far as we know and our notary has told us, the condition of reciprocity between our two countries has been satisfied so it is possible to purchase as a “person” a property in Italy, as long of course that you have a valid entry visa or Permit of Stay (Permesso di Soggiorno).

For reference the laws (and links to the pdf files) are:

-T.U. on immigration Dlgs 286\98
-Article n. 51 of law 218\95 – modifications on Italian Private International Law
-Agreement between Australia and Italy signed in Canberra on the 26\09\67
ratified in Italy with the law D.P.R 9 December 1970 n. 1430 art. n. 28
-Tuscan Notary Council – issue n. 7 – 2006

There is also a recent article on the Domain Australia web site here.

Hello we are online

Dear readers,

finally we have managed to create this Blog that was a long awaiting feature of our new web site; we hopefully be able to give you some more real time information on what is going on in Florence and Italy in general.

Here in fact we plan on posting all relative information about the Real Estate business such as buying or selling a property, owning and renting one, ranging from rules and regulations, laws and taxes, market trends or general events taking place inn this wonderful city.

We hope you will find it useful, with all our best wishes the P&F team