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IMPORTANT INFORMATION » Relocation & acclimation ITA -

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Santa Maria Novella

Moving to a foreign country is an exciting idea, but the bureaucratic reality can be daunting. Pitcher & Flaccomio offer a variety of relocation assistance packages designed to smooth the way at every step.
This service is Pitcher & Flaccomio’s newest initiative. From our years of experience as real estate agents and housing experts, we have listened to complaints and frustrations, and have concluded that there must be a less stressful way to relocate.



Our goal is to make it easier for you and your family to settle into your new home, neighbourhood, school and lifestyle. Your initial experience in moving to Italy will be the corner stone to a positive attitude for the rest of your stay. We do our best to organise everything so you can start feeling “at home” immediately.


We start by informing the client about a logical approach, from finding the most suitable house to obtaining the necessary authorisations in Italy and your home country. Where children are concerned, we provide information regarding schools, both Italian and foreign. We can coordinate with a local shipping representative for delivery of your personal effects and help smooth the moving in process. Temporary storage space can be obtained, should any boxes arrive before you do. Finally, we assist with your Permit of Stay documentation, and when required, residency papers.

Other services that we offer are: pre-arrival grocery shopping, mobile acclimation services (visiting your neighborhood, locating your school, the nearest hospital, supermarkets, gyms, shopping centers, etc.), assistance with personal purchases (e.g. set up of local mobile phone service, household effects, kitchen equipment and spare furniture), facilitating the opening of a local bank account, automatic utility payments and parking permits. Should you require staff, we can help in the selection.

At the end of your stay, we are available to assist with the cancellation of your bank accounts, utilities and any other services you may have subscribed to. After your departure we can oversee the forwarding of your personal mail.


Our various relocation packages start at Euro 700.00. Please contact us for an estimate for your specific needs. Extra on-site assistance is charged at Euro 35.00 per hour. (All prices are subject to 20% VAT tax.)


Q. If I do not book my accommodation through Pitcher & Flaccomio, may I still use your relocation service?
Certainly, our services include giving our professional advice regarding your accommodation, whether you booked it through us or not.

Q. Will you show me the best ways to get to my children’s school?
This and more. Our various packages offer an area tour designed to familiarise you with your transportation options, your neighbourhood shopping resources, post office, great restaurants, your school location and shortcuts to get there, plus gyms, pools, suggested outings and more.

Q. Will you help me meet people?
We are involved in a number of local groups and clubs, and would be pleased to introduce you around.

Q. Can you suggest language schools or private teachers?
We have years of experience with the best language schools and teachers in Florence.

Q. Can you give me names of local guides, drivers and other tour services?
It can be hard to locate an honest, well-informed guide or driver. We know the best.

Q. Is it difficult to find good housekeeping, gardening assistance?
We have excellent names to suggest, and are pleased to help out with any initial language stumbling blocks. Plus we can send out our trusted plumbers, builders, electricians and more.

Q. I must have high speed internet. Is this easy to find in Italy?
We have expert, English-speaking computer technicians who can help. Do keep in mind that if a high-speed line is not already installed at your chosen property, it may take longer than you would expect. There are still areas in Florence and the surrounding countryside that cannot receive the high speed connection.

Q. What about a bank account. Can you help me set one up?
We have all the right contacts with the best banks in Florence.