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Palazzo Pitti

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Rent, Sell and Manage Properties in Florence and Tuscany

June brings the event-packed festival day of San Giovanni with its parades, historical soccer, and fireworks along with best wishes, from SUZANNE, CORSO, BEI, LESLIE, ANNA PIA, VANNI, ANN and MARIO.


BEST EXTRAVAGANZA FOR JUNE – Calcio Storico (Historical Soccer)

Testosterone abounds when four teams of 27 players apiece face each other during the Calcio Storico. This entertaining 15th-century-style tournament of fighting and football is held in Florence's Piazza Santa Croce. The game itself is said to originate from an ancient Roman ball sport, which became the sport of princes and noblemen in the golden age of the Tuscan capital.

Today, it is fiercely fought between the four Florentine quarters: San Giovanni (Green), Santa Maria Novella (Red), Santo Spirito (White) and Santa Croce (Blue). Clad in medieval garters and pantaloons, players seem more preoccupied with attacking each other than putting the ball anywhere, though the rules of the game are fairly complex. The aim is to seize the ball and put it in the net (which runs the entire width of the pitch) by whatever means available. Precision is everything, as misses and interceptions provide points for the other team.

Following the semi-finals, the final match takes place on 24 June and winners are rewarded with a mass of steaks equivalent in weight to the more traditional prize of a white calf or bistecca alla fiorentina, which was historically butchered for the occasion. (Text from http://www.whatsonwhen.com)

See the official website: http://www.calciostoricofiorentino.it/en/

13 June Verdi (S.Giovanni) - Rossi (S.Maria Novella)

14 June Azzurri (S.Croce) - Bianchi (S.Spirito)

The winners of these two matches will play for the Victory on June 24, Festa del Patrono San Giovanni (St. John’s Day).

Tickets (prices 2013): Central Grandstand € 52 (+ € 7 presale fee), Side Grandstand € 42 (+ € 7 presale fee), Numbered grandstand € 27 (+ € 7 presale fee), Curved sectors € 21 (+ € 7 presale fee) Tickets are available at Box Office Via delle Vecchie Carceri, 1, (inside the Murate) with info at: www.boxol.it

P&F PICK APARTMENT RENTAL FOR JUNE – Villa on the Way to Fiesole

This is the perfect rental property for those who want a bit of the Tuscan countryside, but do not want to give up on the conveniences of a town and the cultural offerings of Florence. This three-bedroom villa (with elevator) is perfect for a family.

Via San Domenico runs from Piazza Edison towards the hill town of San Domenico and then proceeds on to Fiesole. The small village of San Domenico and Piazza Edison are handy for a post office, food shops and several restaurants and coffee bars. It is approx. 15 minutes by car and 50 minutes by foot from the villa to the center of Florence. The European University in San Domenico is close by. The #7 bus stop is nearby and the frequent service is between Fiesole and Piazza San Marco in the center of Florence.

For more information click this link.



Uva Nera is a cozy wine bar on Borgo Ognissanti, a perfect spot for unwinding over an aperitivo or a mid-afternoon break with a glass of wine before your take in that last museum.

The ambience at Uva Nera has been carefully curated by owner Costanza Castelnuovo Tedesco. The daughter of an antique dealer, Costanza took inspiration from her father’s trade. The furnishings bring to mind the time-honored tradition of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’—velvet armchairs and vintage couches add a touch of warmth downstairs, while old cinema seats and antique accessories give the main salon the friendly feel.

Costanza hand-selects all of the wines, cheeses and other menu items. She works closely with each producer, making frequent trips to wineries and preferring small, often family-run operations over household names. With cultivated expertise, Costanza happily offers wine recommendations tailored to customers’ tastes, and always knows the best small snacks to pair with each glass.

She has a long list of English-friendly events in the pipeline, from wine translation workshops and guided tastings to book presentations and photo exhibitions.

Uva Nera

Borgo Ognissanti 25/r

Monday–Saturday, 11.30am to 10pm; 8 euro aperitivo, begins 6pm


free WiFi

BEST BOOK FOR JUNE – The Story of a New Name by Elena Ferrante

The second in a trilogy, book two rejoins narrator Elena Greco and her "brilliant friend" Lina Cerullo as they leave behind their claustrophobic Italian girlhood and enter the tumultuous world of young womanhood with all its accompanying love, loss, and confusion. Against the backdrop of l960s/70s Naples, the previously inseparable girls embark on diverse paths.

At 16, Lila has married the prosperous local grocer, Stefano Carraci, only to discover at their wedding reception that he has already betrayed her and damned their union. Conversely Elena has chosen education, a less traditional route to free her from the stultifying village life. Lina asks Elena to hide a box of notebooks from her husband. Instead, she dumps them in the river but not without first reading them.

Ferrante masterfully combines Elena's recollections of events with Lila's point of view as documented in her notebooks to drive the narrative. The women's fraught relationship and shifting fortunes are the life forces of this poignant book.

BEST BOOK FOR KIDS FOR JUNE – Midnight Magic by Avi

A nervous king, an exasperatingly playful princess, a diabolical count, an oddly ubiquitous kitchen boy, a magician who doesn't believe in magic, and a servant who knows far too much for his own good. When this motley crew embarks on a medieval ghost hunt, destiny throws plenty of twists and turns their way.

Fabrizio, meddlesome but loyal servant of Mangus the ex-magician, feels horribly guilty. Though forbidden to do so, he secretly continues to practice sleights of hand and metaphysics. Casting his tarot cards one stormy night, Fabrizio fears he has unleashed terrible powers that will determine his master's fate. Sure enough, moments later, Mangus and Fabrizio are summoned to the court of the king, who expects Mangus to use his recently outlawed mystical ability to rid his daughter of a ghost that haunts her. The plot is soon thick as oatmeal, with threats of death or promises of reward behind every hidden corner.

This thrilling tale of intrigue and mystery could be written by none other than Avi. Versatile author of over three dozen books for young people in many genres, including the Newbery Honor historical novel The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Avi creates compelling adventure that very few can resist.

BEST SUMMER PROGRAM – The Season at La Pietra

Villa La Pietra is the outstanding historical villa and home of the New York University Florence program. Bequeathed to NYU in 1994 by Sir Harold Acton, the Florentine study abroad campus consists of 5 historic villas and 57 acres of gardens and olive groves. Villa La Pietra, the Acton Collection, and the Garden are maintained as they were by the Acton family and serve as an inspiration to all whom live and study on the campus. Villa La Pietra also has one of the best summer programs for students and visitors alike. It’s called The Season.

The Season is a summer celebration of creative collaboration and exploration conducted throughout the grounds of Villa la Pietra and its extraordinary and scenographic gardens. Artists, writers, musicians, poets, actors and public intellectuals are given time and space to nurture and hone their craft, experiment, collaborate across disciplines, and to create and present new works or the reinterpretation of classics. Well-known figures and emerging talents work together, in classes and workshops or experimental laboratories, and present their work before an audience of Italians and Americans invited to the gardens of Villa la Pietra for a surprising and elegant evening.

The intimacy and immediacy of the interaction between audience and artist contributes to the creative process and provides a unique experience for both. Performances often end with an open dialogue and the conversation between performers and the public continues at a reception in the gardens under the stars. The Season explores the creative process in all its forms, inviting selected artists to reflect on their craft in special dialogues with students and the public.

High production quality, innovation and the intimacy of the Season's Community have played a vital role in the incubation of new talent and the celebration of culture, which has been part of the City of Florence's identity for centuries. It has also been the source of new innovative and cutting-edge work that has traveled from La Pietra to New York and around the world.

This year highlights are the May 28–31 conference Black Portraiture II: Imaging the Black Body and Re-staging Histories and its related exhibition ReSignifications, both of which explore the portrayal of the black body in Western culture and art.

Check out the schedule at: http://www.nyu.edu/global/lapietra/season/ or call 055 500 7212 and ask to have a brochure sent to you. Email: lapietra.reply@nyu.edu


From June 5 to 7 participate in Secret Garden, the season’s top charity event, taking place in the storybook setting of Villa Bardini. Funds will be raised for Noi Per Voi per il Meyer Onlus, supporting the oncology department at Florence’s pediatric hospital. Events range from yoga lessons and live music to children’s activities and a hidden marketplace. Get your fill of organic food at themed aperitivi, or let the kids work off some energy in the cooking workshops especially for them. For the full program, visit www.secret-garden.it .


The patron saint of Florence, John the Baptist, is celebrated on June 24. There is a parade to the Baptistry in the morning and another before the Historic Soccer (Calcio Storico) game (see above) in the afternoon.

The grandest of the parades starts at 4.00 pm – The Parade of the Florentine Republic starts from Piazza Santa Maria Novella passing through Via dei Banchi, Via Rondinelli, Via Tornabuoni, Via Strozzi, Piazza della Repubblica, Via degli Speziali, Via Calzaiuoli, Piazza della Signoria, Via della Ninna, Via de’ Neri, Borgo Santa Croce up to Piazza Santa Croce

At 5.00 pm - Florentine Traditional Football match starts in Piazza Santa Croce with the parade continuing in the arena (even if you don’t have tickets, go and see if there is extra space, usually there are last-minute deals for the empty seats).

At 10:00 pm the fireworks begin from Piazalle Michelangelo. Stand along the Arno for the best view.



From Saturday 13 - Wednesday 24 June – “The future is now” is the theme for the 4th edition of this superb cultural festival, which highlights student artists and musicians inspired by Florence’s greatest artists, past and present.

The programme will include exhibitions by eminent Florentine artists Alessandro Vannini (in the Palagio di Parte Guelfa) and Antonio Ciccone (hosted by the Comune di Stazzema). Students supported by Angeli per un Giorno will study renaissance fresco techniques at the Academia d’Arte San Giovanni.

A special event will be a piano recital by Natascha Majek, a concert by pianists Jonathan Ferrucci and Giulia Grassi as a fundraising for their inaugural Lizzano Music Festival (both concerts will be held in Auditorium dell’Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze).

Don’t miss the concert by music students from the Study Abroad program of the Florentia Consort hosted by University of Colorado Boulder in the Auditorium al Duomo. An English Catholic Mass will be held in the historic church of Santi Apostoli e Biago together with a concert of sacred baroque music to benefit the church's new community fund-rasing project.

The event series was founded and is organized by John Hoenig with support from the City of Florence, and The Florentine is a media partner.

For more information, visit www.festacultura.org.

Email: info@festacultura.org

Follow on Twitter: @FestaCultura



British sculptor Antony Gormley’s exhibition ‘Human’ explores the connections between art, anatomy and space. Winner of the 1994 Turner Prize and knighted in 2014, Gormley chose Forte di Belvedere for its powerful past and defensive functions. The show features life-size sculptures widely and purposefully dispersed throughout the site, ‘encouraging the viewer to think again about who they are and how they negotiate the spaces around them’—as Gormley intended. For more information, call 055/2768558.

Until September 27

Forte di Belvedere, via di San Leonardo 1



From June 16–19 the Pitti Uomo men’s fashion show is back at Fortezza da Basso, viale Filippo Strozzi. The trade shows and parties for the world-renowned menswear showcase are closed to the general public as custom goes, but every Florentine knows there’s no better people-watching than when the Pitti tastemakers come to town. Keep your eyes peeled for prominent figures on the fashion scene and public events at stores around town, and if you’ve got a daring outfit you’ve been too timid to don, these are the days to give it an airing. This edition’s theme is “That’s Pitticolor”, so basic black is out this year.

PREZIOSA – Florence Jewelry Week

Florence goes glittery! Preziosa promises a week of jewel-toned celebrations to mark the 30th anniversary of Le Arti Orafe Jewelry School. The moveable show wanders through artisan spaces of the Oltrarno, Preziosa brings together major names in modern jewelry design, including Philip Sajet, Martina Dempf, and Barbara Schmidt. The lineup includes talks in English, workshops, visits to artisan studios, exhibitions and more. For more information, visit www.artiorafe.it/en to see the map of the artisan spaces. June 1-3

NIGHT OF ST. JOHN MARATHON – Not Exactly on St. John’s Day

On Saturday, June 20 at 9pm the Night of St. John Marathon will kick off in Piazza del Duomo. This will be a 10K passing all of the major monuments. For details check www.firenzemarathon.it and click on “Eventi”.



Until September 21 at the Bargello Museum, via del Proconsolo 4, Florence

The courtyard of Florence's favorite sculpture museum comes to life this summer as musicians, actors and more put on shows in the striking space. The June calendar includes Machiavelli's La Mandragola (The Mandrake, June 16 & 21, 9.15pm) and the Italian translation of Arthur Schnitzler's The Return of Casanova (June 3–14, 9.15pm). After the official launch of summer on June 21, start gearing up for the Florence Dance Festival, which will kick off in early July

The courtyard of the beautiful Bargello Museum will be filled with musical, dance and theatre performances all summer. There are about 80 events of classical and jazz music, dance, and theater. The schedule can be obtained by dropping by and tourist office or the Bargello or checking the very disorganized Italian language website:

See www.uffizi.firenze.it/it/eventi/evento.php?t=5384a7e5f1c3bc500e000000 for details.



On June 6-7, pop around to Piazza S.S. Annunziata where this year the fair is all about bees, products from bees and beekeeping. Beekeepers farmers show the honey, unguents, waxes, and the tools of the trade. Learn how to keep a hive of bees in your back yard. See www.lafierucola.org.

There are Fieruculinas on other June Sundays: Piazza Santo Spirito on June 21 and at the Vecchio Conventino, Via Giano della Bella, 20 on June 8 (5pm to midnight) See also: www.fondazioneartigianato.it/ .



The Odeon is still presenting original sound movies. Visit the web site or stop by the theater for the most recent schedule. www.odeonfirenze.com

June 4-7 Tomorrowland

June 8-10 Fury

June 15-23 The Young and prodigious T.S. Spivet

June 18-21 Jurassic World

June 24-28 A Little Chaos

June 29-30 Infinitely Polar Bear

Piazza Strozzi

Tel. +39.055.214068 or +39.055.295051


ORIGINAL LANGUAGE FILMS – Talking Movies at the British Institute

The Talking Movies Series at the British Institute Library: Every Wednesday at 8:00 pm, the Sala Ferragamo in the Institute's Harold Acton Library hosts a film, followed by discussion. The British Institute Library, Lungarno Guicciardini 9. Check the web site at www.britishinstitute.it/en/events/default.asp for times, dates, and detailed information or stop by the library for a brochure.

An Incredulity Toward Metanarratives

Post-modern Movies


Defining Post-modernism is notoriously problematic. Jim Collins' catalogue raisonné of post-modern aesthetics goes some way to providing a checklist of features that may or may not constitute elements of the post-modern:

1. lists of things and permutations, rather than a series of events in causal interaction which derive from an origin and move step by step toward a conclusion [parataxis];

2. middles without explicit beginnings or ends;

3. inconclusiveness, indeterminacy [lack of closure];

4. surface, randomness, and possibility [magic realism];

5. diversity and plurality without hierarchy;

6. fragmentation, dissonance, admixture, layering;

7. incongruity, rather than unity or purity;

8. multiple media, eclecticism, pastiche, intertextuality;

9. pop culture, stereotypes, cult of the everyday;

10. quotation, distance;

11 detachment, self-consciousness. [self-reflexivity]

Throw in the familiar concepts of Intertextuality, Parody, Pastiche, Prefabrication, Bricolage, and Simulation and perhaps a common theme might emerge from this selection of 30 years of Post-modernism, and counting...

Non-English language films are subtitled.

Wednesday, June 03, 2015. 20.00

Film: BEING JOHN MALKOVICH by Spike Jonze, 1999 comedy

Wednesday, June 10, 2015. 20.00

Film: MEMENTO by Christopher Nolan, 2000 mystery noir thriller

Wednesday, June 17, 2015. 20.00

Film: WATERLOO by Sergey Bondarchuk, 1970

Tuesday, June 23, 2015. 20.00

Film: CERTIFIED COPY by Abbas Kiarostami, 2010 romantic comedy



Every Wednesday at 18.00 from September to June there is a lecture, concert or other event in the Sala Ferragamo in the Harold Acton Library followed by an informal drinks reception.


Wednesday, June 03, 2015, 18.00

Lecture: Francesco Morena

Francesco Morena, a specialist in Asian art, discusses the life and achievements of the celebrated explorer and painter who was the grandson of the poet W.S. Landor.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015, 18.00

Lecture: Mark Ridley

From 1999 to 2001, the Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment in London was commanded by Colonel Mark Ridley, who in this talk provides a historical sketch of the regiment over last two centuries, beginning with its part in Napoleon's defeat at Waterloo on 18 June 1815.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015, 18.00

Lecture: Lucy Lethbridge

In her new book, the author and journalist Lucy Lethbridge looks at the service sector through the diaries, letters and memoirs of servants themselves, providing fascinating insights into the highly stratified British society of our parents and grandparents.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015, 18.00

Lecture: H.M. Ambassador Christopher Prentice

Christopher Prentice took up his appointment as H.B.M. Ambassador to the Republic of Italy and San Marino in January 2011. He had been a British diplomat since 1977, and has served as Ambassador to Amman and Iraq. In this talk he reflects on his first four years in Rome.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015


16 June 1904 is the day on which James Joyce set his famous work: Ulysses. On that day Stephen Daedalus and Leopold Bloom each took their epic journeys through Dublin. Bloomsday, the annual celebration of those events, has become a tradition for Joyce enthusiasts all over the world

The British Institute of Florence is celebrating Joyce and his novel with a reading of the Telemachus and Nestor chapters. All are welcome to join us at 17.00, to read aloud or to listen. For more information, please call 055 2677 8270



Power And Pathos. Bronze Sculpture Of The Hellenistic World runs at the Palazzo Strozzi from 14 March−21 June 2015. This is major exhibition showcasing some of the ancient world's most important masterpieces of sculpture with exhibits from leading Italian and international museums. The exhibition uses 50 bronze sculptures to tell the story of the spectacular artistic developments of the Hellenistic era throughout the Mediterranean basin. Under Alexander the Great Hellenistic sculpture saw the birth of a genre known as "portraits of power", but at the same time it also revolutionized the style of Classical art by imbuing its figures with pathos, or expressiveness.

Monumental statues of gods, athletes and heroes will be displayed alongside portraits of historical figures, in a journey allowing visitors to explore the fascinating stories of these masterpieces' discovery while also probing the production and casting processes and the finishing techniques adopted.

Palazzo Strozzi is in Piazza Strozzi.

Tickets: €11, €9 reduced

Monday to Friday 9.00-13.00, 14.00-18.00

Tel. +39 055 2469600, Fax +39 055 244145, prenotazioni@palazzostrozzi.org

Website: www.palazzostrozzi.org

EXHIBIT AT THE ACCADEMIA GALLERY – St. Francis in Art and Literature

The Accademia’s spring/summer 2015 exhibition starts in the medieval era, exploring the origin of one of the greatest religious and cultural phenomena in Western and world history: the Franciscan movement. The movement made an incredible contribution not just to religion but to art as well, as it spread like wildfire to the East as far afield as China itself, and Franciscan friars commissioned works for their churches and convents.

Accademia Gallery until October 2015

ON THE ROAD – 150 Years at the Bargello

Mass movement was a major element of medieval civilization—from travel and trade to pilgrimage. With this exhibition, ‘The Middle Ages on the Road,’ the Bargello celebrates its 150th anniversary as a museum. Exploring the theme of movement through maps, artworks, travel items and everyday objects, the show sheds light on the impact of war, the centrality of faith and the prevailing worldviews during the Middle Ages.

Until June 21

Museo Nazionale del Bargello, via del Proconsolo 4


BEST MUSIC AND DANCE FOR JUNE – The Maggio Musicale Festival

The Maggio Musicale Festival turns 78 this year! The 78th season of Florence's historic opera company promises to be the best yet.

The Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Orchestra, founded in 1928 by Vittorio Gui as the Stabile Orchestrale Fiorentina. One of Europe’s oldest and most prestigious opera, symphonic music and ballet festival, along with Bayreuth and Salzburg festivals. Its year of birth is 1933.

First established as a three-year event, in 1937 it became a yearly festival held in the month of May as a tribute to and in memory of the ancient Calendimaggio festivity, when Firenze (the ancient Fiorenza, the flower city) celebrated the month of flowers with dancing, music and plays, and the streets were decorated with laurel festoons and garlands of flowers (Dante saw Beatrice for the first time during the 1274 Calendimaggio “dressed in the noblest color”).

The first home of the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino Festival, which is made up of an orchestra conducted by Zubin Mehta since 1986, a chorus and MaggioDanza ballet company, was the Comunale Theatre. This will be the last year: the Teatro Comunale will close and the Maggio Festival will be held at the new opera theater, Nuovo Teatro dell’Opera di Firenze.

Among the names who have participated in the festival over the years are von Karajan and Muti, Maria Callas, Pietro Mascagni and Richard Strauss, Igor Stravinskij, and stage designers of the caliber of Luchino Visconti, Franco Zeffirelli and Giorgio De Chirico.

Ticket Office Teatro Comunale

Corso Italia 16 - Firenze - fax: +39 055 287222 Tues. - Fri. 10:00-16:30 & Sat. 10:00-13:00

Tickets on line www.maggiofiorentino.com tickets@maggiofiorentino.com

MUSIC FOR TEENS – MTV Awards Have Moved to the Cascine Park

Now a fixture on Florence’s June calendar, the MTV Awards are back! This year, Italy’s highly anticipated music awards show will be hosted by young Lombard rapper Emis Killa. Not so invested in the winners? Put on your dancing shoes for the 11pm afterparty, in the Cascine, featuring music from Andrea Delogu, Ema Stokholma and Pink is Punk. June 14, 8pm, Cascine Park

FIESOLE – Estate Fiesolana

Estate Fiesolana-Music, Dance, Theater, and art come together at perhaps the best-known festival in the area and is famous for its rich calendar of events and international star lineup. Be sure to attend at least one event, if only to enjoy the amphitheater and a cool breeze on a summer evening. From June 21 to July 31; see www.estatefiesolana.it for more information. Events are held in Fiesole, Pratolino and Girone.


Not to worry! … Here are a bunch of events or exhibits that will still be happening in late June and July:


From June 9–October 11, head to the Pitti Palace for La Magia del Blu, which shines the spotlight on lapis lazuli, a semi-precious stone first exported to Europe toward the end of the Middle Ages. Famous for its bold hue, the stone was frequently ground into powder and used in the priciest pigment of many revered painters. For more information, see www.unannoadarte.it/mostre/lapislazzuli .


The Festival delle Colline, celebrating its 34th year, from July 3 to July 31, this popular festival in Prato features internationally renowned artists performing all'aperto. Music ranges from African rhythms to orchestral sounds. Find the complete schedule at www.festivaldellecolline.com .


NEW EXHIBIT AT THE UFFIZI – An Artist Most People Don’t Know

The first major retrospective exhibition ever presented of paintings by the imaginative Italian Renaissance master Piero di Cosimo (1462–1522) premiered at the National Gallery of Art, Washington, DC a this spring and now travels to the Uffizi.

With themes ranging from the pagan to the divine, the works include loans from churches in Italy and one of his greatest masterpieces, Madonna and Child Enthroned with Saints Elizabeth of Hungary, Catherine of Alexandria, Peter, and John the Evangelist with Angels (completed by 1493), from the Museo degli Innocenti, Florence. Several important paintings will undergo conservation treatment before the exhibition, including the Gallery's Visitation with Saints Nicholas of Bari and Anthony Abbot (c. 1489–1490)—one of the artist's largest surviving works.

"We are delighted to share the brilliance of Piero di Cosimo—the Renaissance's most spellbinding storyteller—with our visitors," said Earl A. Powell III, director, National Gallery of Art, Washington. "This is also the first time the Galleria degli Uffizi in Florence has co-organized a paintings exhibition with another museum and we look forward to many more projects with our Italian partners."

A different version of the exhibition, including work by Piero's contemporaries, will be on view at the Galleria degli Uffizi, Florence from June 23 through September 27, 2015, entitled Piero di Cosimo (1462–1522): Pittore fiorentino "eccentrico" fra Rinascimento e Maniera.

"No artist has given the world more rare and singular inventions while remaining in the shadow of the Renaissance greats of his time than Piero di Cosimo," said Cristina Acidini, Superintendent of Cultural Heritage for the City and the Museums of Florence. "His beguiling pictorial creations will linger in the imagination of all those who see the exhibition."



The Lucca Summer Music Festival is one of the most famous in Tuscany, pulling big names from all over the world. There is a little something for everyone from July 1 to July 28. This year the festival kicks off with Bob Dylan and ends with Snoop Dogg. It’s good to get tickets in June. For details, see www.summer-festival.com .


Parco Sculture del Chianti kicks off its 2015 Musical Evenings at the Amphitheatre on Tuesdays from 14 July through 18 August, 19:00 See http://www.chiantisculpturepark.it/program2015.htm for the program of the 2015 season concerts.



This fabulous music festival runs through July, but has its first night on June 29 (7:30pm) at Pieve Sant Appiano in Barberino Val d’Elsa presenting Joris van Rijn on violin, Henk Neven, baritone, and Hans Eijsacker on piano, with works by Schmann, Beethoven and Wolf. More info: www.linariclassic.com .


PISA – Patron Saint’s Feast Day

On the eve of the patron saint’s feast day (June 16) Pisa transforms the lungarni (banks of the Arno) into a phantasmagoric fairy-tale setting. The architectural details of the palaces – windows, cornices, balconies – the parapets of the river and the bridges glow in the reflected light of over 70,000 ‘lumini’ (small glass lamps burning oil or wax) while thousands of lighted candles float on the waters of the Arno. Sham architecture (‘machines’) and a firework spectacle at the Cittadella Vecchia make this event, which dates back to 1688, even more fascinating.

Also in Pisa enjoy classical music in the classical setting of the cloisters of Pisa's Museo dell'Opera del Duomo at Music Under the Tower. Usually runs from the end of June to early July; check full schedule at www.opapisa.it

MONTELUPO – The Best Ceramic Festival in the World

Montelupo is the center of the Tuscan ceramic world, both from industrial production to individual artisans. The annual Festa Internazionale della Ceramica )June 18 to 21) is not to be missed. Full of events, shows, lectures, films, it draws in ceramic artisans from all over the world.

For info: www.festaceramica.it


The Tuscan Archipelago National Park this year is celebrating its fifth edition of the Tuscany Walking Festival. “Taking advantage of all the benefits Mother Nature has to offer means living a better life.” The program runs from April 24 to May 10 and then September 19 to October 4.

The philosophy of the festival: regaining the benefits of mother nature. Photography, painting and contemporary art lovers, and hobby lovers in general, will be given special treatment. During the festival a Convention will be held on the subject of the environment and the happiness it can give, with many innovative ideas and suggestions on how to live better. The Park has also published new brochures: as well as the guide to the most characteristic excursions in the Park, translated into three foreign languages, there is a brochure about the fascinating history of the Tuna fishing nets in Enfola, and a small guide for excursions on horseback, and by bike.

Website: http://www.tuscanywalkingfestival.it/en-GB/home.html

FREE DAY TRIPS – That’s Prato

Sundays from May 3–July 5

Various locations in Prato, with free transport provided from Santa Maria Novella

Explore the best of Prato this summer! From villas and castles to contemporary art and industry, this Tuscan city brims with cultural heritage and hidden spots. Enjoy exclusive guided visits in English to many of these places—for free! You pay only for museum tickets. For the full calendar and to register, see www.thatsprato.com .


Estate Fiesolana-Music, Dance, Theater, and art come together at perhaps the best-known festival in the area and is famous for its rich calendar of events and international star lineup. Be sure to attend at least one event, if only to enjoy the amphitheater and a cool breeze on a summer evening. From June 21 to July 31; see www.estatefiesolana.it for more information.Events are held in Fiesole, Pratolino and Girone.



On June 6 and 7, the small fortified village of Malmantile (near Lastra Signa), you will be immersed in medieval atmosphere with dames and knights, artists, and artisans will relive the magic of the times that were. There are archery competitions and grand cavalcades of knights on horseback. All of the trattorias and osterias in the town go all out with medieval flavors. This is the 22nd Festa Mediovale in Malmantile.

See http://www.festamedioevalemalmantile.it/index.php for the schedule of events.


The Lucca Summer Music Fest is one of the most famous in Tuscany, pulling big names from all over the world. There is a little something for everyone. The Eagles, Jeff Beck, Stevie Wonder, the Backstreet Boys, and more, from July 2 to July 26. For details, see www.summer-festival.com .

MERCATINO DI APRILANTE - Artisanal Crafts Market

Sun. 7 (morning to afternoon) visit Panzano-in-Chianti. The first Sunday of each month the weekly town market held in Panzano is expanded with artisan booths of all sorts. Depending on which vendors show up, you'll find honey and pecorino (sheep's milk) cheese makers, hand-embroidered linen makers, boutique wineries and antique dealers and much more. To visit Panzano by car from Florence or Siena, take Route 222, the "Chiantigiana" highway passing through the Chianti wine area. From the west, there is a road connecting with the highway at Tavarnelle or S. Donato. This pretty road passes the monastery of Badia a Passignano. It is also possible to reach Panzano by SITA bus from Florence. The trip takes about one hour.


On Sun. 7, as on every first Sunday of the month, from 8 am to sunset, you can enjoy a visit to Fiesole with the added fun of perusing the stands filled with bric-brac and antiques. Piazza Mino. For info phone 0555978373.


Linari Classic is delighted to announce its 2015 programme. This year the dates of the Festival will be the 14th, 16th, 18th, 20th and 23rd July. The music festival’s beautiful venues include Sant'Appiano, Volpaia, Paneretta and Nipozzano. The Musical Director, Joris van Rijn and other great musicians will open the Festival at Sant'Appiano. Linari will have again Jayson Gillham along with our young, exceptional Italian violinist. The Nash Ensemble are returning for concerts on the 18th and 20th July. The Schubert Ensemble Trio are coming back for our final concert on the 23rd July.

Situated between Florence and Siena, Linari is a medieval hilltop 'Borgo' in the Chianti Classico area, one of the most enchanting parts of Tuscany. The first Linari Classic Musical Festival was created and established in 2003 by Airdrie Armstrong Terenghi. She is now the Festival's principal organiser and Artistic Director, and works in collaboration with the renowned musician and Festival musical director Joris Van Rijn. Every summer at Linari, the concerts range from Early to Contemporary classical music. The musicians are professionals from around the world.

Their wonderful musicians journey to Linari each year for the sheer joy and pleasure of performing and living in such exotically beautiful settings, and in the presence of the most appreciative audiences. Performance settings include picturesque local churches such as Sant'Appiano, ancient castles and private villas such as Villa Gamberaia. See the website at http://www.linariclassic.com/ for their locations section for more information on directions and contact details.


talian Food Rules and Italian Life Rules written by Ann Reavis have been published! Find a copy at The Paperback Exchange at Via delle Oche, 4r, or on Amazon.com or Amazon.it.


Alfredo Vedro wrote to P&F:

I don’t know how “new” Trattoria Angiolino is. I do know that I ate at a restaurant at the same address (Via Santo Spirito, 36) a few years ago— it may even have had the same name—and I was not impressed. This Angiolino is great!

From the moment you walk in past the bar, where single diners can enjoy an excellent meal without feeling conspicuously alone, you get the sense that you’re in a special place. There’s an urgency, a vibrancy to the room where the staff cheerfully and energetically addresses patrons’ needs. And they all seem to be smiling -- proud of what they do.

And the food equals the best Florence has to offer. The menu offers a wide variety of mouth-watering starters and main dishes. Everything was fresh, full of flavor, and attractively presented. The restaurant boasts the highest quality ingredients and an ample selection of the best wines of the region.

My first time was in a party of 10, and I really think we each ordered something different, and no one was disappointed. In fact, it seemed that we were all digging into each other’s dishes. We were all saying to each other, “you must taste this, it’s fantastic.” And together we must have sampled almost everything on the menu: veal, chicken, beef, pasta.

I went back a few nights later with two friends from America. We had roast beef, sausage and beans, and maltagliati. Again, it was “taste mine, taste mine!”

This is a ‘must do’ to add to your list. The owner Janice Verecchia has added another treasure to Florence’s best dining experiences.

Note: I went online to see what others have said and my impression was that all the sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp were discussing the previous restaurant at the same address, so get on over there and form your own judgment. You won’t be disappointed.

Alfredo (and other readers): We checked and you are correct – the trattoria has the old name , but is under new ownership and new management. We can’t wait to try it! Thanks for your message, Alfredo.

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June is the month where Florence shines. Get outside and enjoy the music, the pageantry and the food.

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