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Palazzo Pitti

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Rent, Sell and Manage Properties in Florence and Tuscany

April – Four years ago this month Pitcher & Flaccomio sent out our first newsletter which began: “with this newsletter we want to provide past and future clients with access to an up-to-the-minute selection of the most interesting happenings in the Florence area each month. We hope that it will inspire you all to come back to Tuscany and Florence in particular. We will focus on local traditions and events, special shows and exhibitions. Being Florence-based real estate agents we will also include new properties on the market, special offers on villa and apartment rentals, and just to wet your memory buds…. we will add a quick, easy recipe and restaurant mentions”.
In 2008, we hope to have succeeded in our quest. Thanks as always to the many friends who continue to send in restaurant and dining suggestions, and to Simon Clark and Anne Brooks for their consistently Pulitzer-worthy insight into the world of Florentine calcio. Plus many thanks to Florence’s informative APT. We welcome comments and suggestions of all kinds. Send to newsletter@pitcherflaccomio.com.
From the office SUZANNE, CORSO, SANDRA, LORI, ERNESTINA and KIMBERLY wish you a warm, sunny April.


Take note: on April 30 new laws regarding check writing will go into effect. See you own bank for details. In general:
1) all checks will now come printed with the words Non Trasferibile (non transferable). If you prefer otherwise, checks without the words Non Trasferibile printed on them will cost 1.50 euro each.
2) checks made out for Euro 5,000 or over must now always be non transferable,
3) when signing over checks, it is necessary to include the codice fiscal of the signer.
4) “mio proprio” checks for under 5,000 euro can only be cashed by the writer in a bank or Post Office.

We invite your comments for our “Readers Review Restaurants” section. Use this forum to spread the word about restaurants that merit recognition for their great food and good service. The contents will reflect our readers points of view (though we reserve the right to agree or disagree). Send your input to newsletter@pitcherflaccomio.com.

Ciao Kim,
I thought this might be interesting for the newsletter. Have a nice w/end. I miss you! Ernestina
This restaurant of the curious name has a history partly connected with Osteria dei Benci (same owners) and the Cohen brothers’ film. It is well furnished on the grey/purple tones, playing with red/white and black. Its welcoming ambience makes you at ease. Good for romantic dinners or with friends.
The menu is very interesting, apart from the usual tasty recipes, you can find unusual dishes such as “bistecca fritta” which is the classic Florentine steak very tender inside and crisp on the outside. Or a “rollè di pollo” made with marinated apple, pancetta and bay leaf.
It is located in Via Ghibellina right in front of the Teatro Verdi and it is ideal for an after theatre dinner, the kitchen is open until late. "La Mucca sul Tetto", Via Ghibellina 134R. Firenze. Tel. 055.2344810

ACQUAMATTA (lovingly submitted by Andrea Alimenti’s mom)
Ten kilometres north of Arezzo on the road to Bibbiena, lies the old world village of Capolona. Here you will find the restaurant Acquamatta. The restaurant is run by Andrea Alimenti, Paolo Pasquini and Leonardo Motolese, friends for many years. When they found this romantic setting they decided that it would be the right location for their venture.
On entering, the atmosphere is warm and relaxing. You will be welcomed by Paolo, who remains available throughout the meal to give guidance with the choice food or wines. The dining room looks out over the roof tops to the hills while, in the foreground, the turbulent waters of the river Arno flow under an old Roman bridge. Chef Alimenti is well known for dishes prepared using highest quality products and following the finest traditions. They specialise in classic cuisine with an innovative presentation. To make best use of fresh seasonal produce the menu changes four times a year. A recent menu included: “Warm gorgonzola cheese and walnut quiche served with fennel salad and fan of duck breast.” and “Cube of fresh yellow fin tuna with black Sechouan pepper crust served with a pyramid of orange flavoured cauliflower”. A selection of desserts, coffee and liqueurs round off a dining experience well worth the journey.
Ristorante Acquamatta, Piazza della Vittoria,13, 52010 Capolona (Arezzo) Tel. 0575.420999. www.acquamatta.com (Michelin-starred since 2000, named in Jeune Restaurateurs d’Europe, awarded Best Italian Cellar of the Year 2006.)

THUMBS UP – THUMBS DOWN “Our Readers Right”
Our “Thumbs up, Thumbs down” column is your chance to write us and share your own ideas and information, or to toot the horn of businesses, events and those Florentine situations that strike you as either wonderful or terrible. Please note: all opinions are strictly those of our readers. Lend us your thoughts!

Dear Susi,
I wanted to send a mention for your newsletter, specifically the café CAFFETTAIO MATTO on Via Masaccio 18/20 red in Florence (near the intersection with Via degli Artisti). The owner Lorenzo makes stupendous, creamy, foamy regular and decaffeinated espresso and cappuccino. It is worth the trouble to go all the way over to Via Masaccio to have Lorenzo make a cappuccino for you. The others that work there are good, but not as good as he.
Baci baci,

Ciao Suzanne,
Following is the solution to the Comcast problems I encountered upon arrival in Italy. I hope this can be useful for others travelling to Florence.
The problem is that while at home Comcast users never need to give a name and password to send E-mail—only receive. But outside of the Comcast network they must also provide their name and password before sending. (That prevents non-Comcast customers from using their servers to send spam.)
The solution is this:
1.Go to Tools --> Accounts...
2.Double-click the Comcast account to edit it.
3.Click on the button below the SMTP server field called Click here for advanced sending options.
4.Select the option to Override default SMTP port and set the field to 587.
5.Select the option SMTP server requires authentication and Use same settings as receiving mail server.

All our best,

The Staff of Pitcher and Flaccomio

Newsletter compiled by Kim Wicks

Pitcher & Flaccomio Newsletter Copyright 2008

Direttore responsabile Mario Spezi -  Pubblicazione con iscrizione n. 5697 del 23\01\09 presso il Tribunale di Firenze