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PROPERTY MANAGEMENT » Management & consultation ITA -

Palazzo Vecchio

Both Italian and non-Italian owners call on us to manage their properties. For absentee landlords a responsible, trustworthy local manager is a necessity. Pitcher & Flaccomio offer a quality of service and security that can only come from personal involvement in the client's property



Our goal is to manage your property as you would yourself. You can advise Pitcher and Flaccomio of when you do and do not want to rent your property, leaving it available for you or your friends to enjoy. Your guests will be shown in and given a warm welcome to their home and Florence, as if you were greeting them yourself.


Our method of looking after a property for an absentee landlords can include rent collection, billing and banking management, cleaning services and general maintenance. Plus repairs, the paying of taxes and insurance as well as eventual tenant selection. We maintain a private personalised accounting on our website for each client. The property will be kept and maintained to a high standard.

To initiate the process, you would need to fill in a “contract” that will be provided in English. This is simply an agreement between you the owner and us the management company for certain details of what you would like us to take care of.:

A GENERAL MANAGEMENT CONTRACT (This contract between Pitcher & Flaccomio and a client, not involving any local third parties, is in English.)

For a better idea of our service style, please click on the following links to view samples of:

  • Outline of GENERAL INFORMATION we would need, regarding property APPLIANCES and SYSTEMS plus AUTHORIZATION TO REPRESENT CLIENT at condominium meetings, etc. (PDF 230 Kb) click here to download Acrobat Reader

  • A SAMPLE outline of how we maintain and present the ACCOUNTS to each client. This is an area of our website privately accessible by each client 24 hours a day. ( with on line HELP )
Some owners also want their property managed for income via rental to a responsible clientele. For a Rental Management you would need to provide also :
  • A typical RENTAL AGREEMENT (This agreement involves local third parties and therefore is laid out in Italian) and it would be a agreement including an outline of the requested rental rates.).

  • Our simple AUTHORIZATION OF INTERNET PUBLICATION form. (Again, in Italian) authorising Pitcher & Flaccomio to insert your house on our website.

  • Our PRIVACY ACT form regarding use of the personal information you might provide. (In Italian, because of the new Italian law on Privacy). This form bestows your consent to use your name when drawing up contracts, etc.

  • Our IDONIETA’ form. This confirms on your part, that the property is up to local norms regarding heating and electrical systems, etc. (In Italian).

All of these forms will be provided to you directly or via email. They can be faxed back or delivered personally when you are next in town (usually this is much better so we can get to know each other, see the house together and go through all the details necessary regarding the management work).