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Il Cupolone
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What Pitcher & Flaccomio cannot do is perhaps a very important point. We are not travel agents - we don't make airline reservations, or sell tours or train tickets. We are also not lawyers, nor are we notary officials. Rather we are property negotiators that lavish a great deal of personal attention on our owners and our guests. Pitcher & Flaccomio will always endeavour to supply clients with the best information and contact suggestions possible to facilitate their arrangements regarding each and every situation.

We only promise what we can deliver. A refusal of some request could happen in the rare case that we are not authorized by Italian law, or should we not have the qualifications necessary to fulfill the request. As certified real estate agents, we strongly suggest that you the client, protect yourself by always using only authorized agents when in Italy. Ask to see a license should you be in doubt.

Lastly, I would like to include the following article written by Sig. Massimo Teresi of Classica Tours, that will answer many questions about Pitcher & Flaccomio. This article was printed in 2004.

“ We often are questioned by clients about the possibility of renting or buying property in Italy. I recently put a number of these questions to my friend and long-time colleague Suzanne Pitcher. Suzanne has lived and worked in Florence since the 1960’s, arranging rentals first for friends, and then for clients (including a number of Classica Tours guests). Today, with her son Corso Flaccomio, the agency Pitcher & Flaccomio handles requests for holiday accommodation, as well as buying, selling and managing properties for clients living overseas and in Italy.

Q. What makes your company different from the many one can find through the internet today?
A. We pride ourselves on being brutally forthright in our property evaluations. We'll communicate the pluses, but we won't gloss over the minuses as we see them. We try hard to show the properties we represent as they really are, both in our photos and especially in our written descriptions. Our principle aim is to match a client to the RIGHT accommodation. We have no interest in pushing someone into a situation they won't find satisfactory. All Pitcher & Flaccomio staff are fluent in both English and Italian. We are able to offer a unique, intimate service style based on first-hand knowledge of the market and a network of outstanding properties. Plus the fact that we are located in Florence makes our service options shine over the rest.

Q. Describe a typical client?
A. Regarding our rental properties, we serve single travellers or groups of friends, families relocating to Florence for a scholastic year or just for a few weeks to celebrate a special occasion. In other words, these are sophisticated travellers from all corners of the world who know that the best way to enjoy a city or a region is in a home, not a hotel. Recent times have brought a new form of tourism to Florence and Tuscany. Many visitors wishing to experience close at hand the “Italian” way of life have found that renting an apartment or home for a longer stay, be it a week, a month, a year or more, gives a more personal feel to a vacation.

Q. Beside arranging rentals in Italy, what other services do you offer?
A. Property management, rental consulting, together with real estate buying and selling. We provide cleaning services, maintenance, billing and banking management, as well as tenant selection and rent collection. Our clients want their villas, country houses and apartments maintained to a high standard through regular inspections and repairs as necessary. In addition some clients also want their property managed for income via rental to responsible clientele. Repairs, cleaning, taxes, insurance ... the cook, the housekeeper, the gardener - all these services and more can be managed by Pitcher & Flaccomio.

Q. How do your clients find you?
A. Only in the past few years have we had this web site, most of our work is based on repeat clients and word-of-mouth recommendations. Past client’s do our best advertising. We are also lucky to have been favourably mentioned in: Birnbaum’s, Access Guides and the Wine Spectator Magazine.

In closing, I would like to copy text from a recent Christmas letter Suzanne received from a client:
…”This year we rented out our house in Berkeley and took an elegant apartment in Florence, on the Arno River just down from the Ponte Vecchio. From there we sampled the lifestyle of a city that seems to charm everyone with art, history, food and wine, shopping and wonderful people. Our son and daughter studied at the local French school, my wife took Italian and cooking classes and visited museums and I worked on my book. One of the best parts of the trip were the family and friends who came to stay or visit while passing through. They all contributed to the feeling that we had somehow stepped into a magic world and that maybe we should just stay there.

We thank Sig. Massimo Teresi for this wonderful article, and should you wish to contact him please go to his web site at www.classicatours.it for further information about his tours.